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Roman Thermae

We are taken back to the ancient days of Roman Empire when we enter the Thermeas in Saturn’s Palace. This is a calm, silent place where we can regain our vital power. The philosophy of Spa is about traveling to the resorts and using the services of Wellness Centers. The more exotic they are, the better.
We meet the ancient atmosphere already outside the palace, where the fountains are. Foyer and the reception also give us the taste of what we will meet in the baths. Once we received the towels and slippers, we go to Apodyterium (cloak room). Finally, through the showers area, we reach the heart of the baths: the pool (6x12m) and the huge whirlpool with hydro massage.

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1.Reception/ Main entrance

2.Apodyterion men locker room, toilets, showers

3.Apodyterion Women’s cloak, toilets, showers

4.Beer Thermea/ Entrance


6.Rest room


8.Exterior pool

9.Pool with massage

10.Pool with counterflow

11.Temple of the Sun - solaruim

12.Temple of Cleopatra – baths and massage

13.Temple of Water – showers

14.Frigidarium – well and showers

15.Atrium with ice fountain

16.Sauna of Cleopatra

17.Bio Sauna of impressions

18.Sauna of Cesar

19.Laconium - dry bath

20.Tepidarium - rest room

21.Calidarium - thermal cave

22.Salt steam room




26.Caldaria – herbal steam room

27.Caldaria – floral steam room

28.VIP Apodyterion – cloakrooms, toilets, showers

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Hours of operation

Mon. - Fri. 15.00 - 22.45
Sat. and Christmas 10.00 - 23.00
Sunday 10.00 - 22.00

Quick contact

Tel +48 32 290 13 90
Tel +48 32 267 26 98


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